Christmas Movies For Adults

Looking for an adult Christmas movie. Just Love Christmas offers a range of movie suggestions for the festive season.

Bad Santa

Willie an alcoholic safe-breaker uses his Santa cover in a department store to rob the same store each year on Christams Eve. This annual stunt is put into jeopardy by a just as corrupt shop detective and a beleaguered young boy.
Empire Magazine Rating = Excellent

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Die Hard

John McClane a New York cop travels to LA for Christmas, to visit his wife and daughter. He arrives at his wife's office a skyscraper in time for her company's Christmas party. Just before some terrorists take everyone at the party as hostage. McClane avoids being taken as hostage, and a thrilling game of cat and mouse takes place, whilst he tries to save the hostages, including his wife.
Empire Magazine Rating = Classic

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Love Actually

In a frantic month, the tale follows eight different couples in the run up to Christmas. It's about their love lives and how their tales interwine, loosely.
Empire Magazine Rating = Good

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Surviving Christmas

To recapture the Christmas he never had, a rich and lonely bachelor hires a family and their home for Christmas. Things get out of hand when the family's grown up daughter returns home and his girlfriend and family turn up.
Empire Magazine Rating = Tragic

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The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Pumpkin King of Halloween, Jack Skellington is bored, so kidnaps Santa Claus taking over Christmas Town. Resulting in giving Christmas a Halloween make over.
Empire Magazine Rating = Good

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